Stupid question: do you need to learn algorithm

This (not so smart) question has been posted hundreds of times in quora. And may be it has been posted thousands of times in many chat groups or forums. I myself was wondering about the same problems when i started my career as developer. First it should be clear that, »

Technology Due Diligence Note

What is Due Diligence Due Diligence is a necessary process for M&A activity, as defined in wikipedia The examination of a potential target for merger, acquisition, privatization, or similar corporate finance transaction, normally by a buyer. Due diligence can also be used for an internal review during a »

Lock free programming

Vấn đề với lock Là một lập trình viên từng làm việc với phần mềm đa nhiệm ( multi thread ), lock chắc chắn không hề xa lạ với bạn. Khi nhiều thread cùng làm việc với một dữ liệu chung (shared data structure) thì chúng ta cần có một cơ chế »

Some note on cryptography (1)

It's my memo on reading Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier. Modern cryptography make fundamental advances after the First World War, many papers have been published. Before 1970s, crypotology did not have any disciplines and was very complex that industry and companies in general did not know where to start, and »

Hello world

Xin chào! fmt.Println("hello world") This is my first post after renewal of old blog which was written totally in Vietnamese. From now on, this blog will be written in both English and Vietnamese, and will contain both technical stuffs and my personal thoughts. My Vietnamese technical memos will »